Denis Sverdlov and his family

Biography and Facts

Education St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics, Department of Economics and Finance (2000).

First Business In 2000, Sverdlov founded his first company, a system integrator IT Vision. In 2003, it was bought by a competitor, Korus Consulting, and Sverdlov became a shareholder and board member of the merged company.

Career In 2007-2012 he was CEO of Yota Group, in 2012-2013 he was Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of Russia.

Deal In 2015, Sverdlov created Arrival, an electric car startup. In March 2021, Arrival went public on the Nasdaq exchange through a merger with SPAC, an American company CIIG Merger. Investors valued Arrival at $13.8 billion.

The $83 million figure is Arrival’s loss for 2020.

Event In December 2021, Arrival began testing the Arrival Bus electric bus.

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